User Awareness Training

We support businesses in and around Perth and Mandurah with effective user awareness training that keeps staff educated and builds cyber resilience.

Cyber Awareness Training For Staff

Building your team’s awareness of cyber threats and best practices is a key step to strengthen your online defences. With cyber attacks on the rise and 90% of successful attacks resulting from human error, our User Awareness Training has never been more important.


We work with businesses in Mandurah, the Peel region, and Perth to equip your staff with the skills and knowledge they need to identify and avoid threats, reducing human risk and increasing cyber resilience. This can also be combined with compliance training to keep your team up to date with key compliance guidelines.

Business Grade Data Solutions

At Impact ICT we offer our customers Business Grade NBN services, with or without guaranteed response times for issues. During our years of dealing with NBN and service providers we know what to look for, and lean on this experience when providing recommendations to all our clients.

We can help you with internet connections to existing or new locations, along with liaising with your existing provider if required.

Engaging Lessons

We deliver memorable, story-driven video lessons based on real-world attacks to enhance your staff’s cyber awareness.

Phishing Simulations

We use phishing simulations to test your staff’s progress and ability to identify threats in their email inbox.

Online Delivery

Online lessons fit seamlessly into your team’s schedule. Need in person training? We’ve got that covered as well.

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Empower Your Team and Reduce Human Risk

When it comes to online threats, your team is often the last line of defence. Don’t wait until a cyber attack occurs – take a proactive approach and empower your staff against threats including phishing and social engineering. If you’re ready to get started, we’re here to help.