// downtime costs money

Protect your business
from downtime

Employing a stable back up and recovery plan will provide your business with a peace of mind that in the event that Disaster recovery is required, your business’s IT infrastructure will be able to continue to keep everything running. This is a last line of defense protecting you from downtime and any potential lost revenue. At Impact ICT we provide redundant on-premise and cloud backup recovery solutions to our customers for peace of mind. No matter the day or time, we can recover.

Our back and recovery solutions allow us to get you up and running rapidly, using a suite of products that utilises the 3-2-2 method. Three copies of your data, on two different media and with up to two backup sets being off-site.

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Concerned about your backup strategy?

// to the cloud

Cloud Hosted
Backup & Restore

Our cloud hosted backup & restore products can give you granular backup intervals, from every 5 minutes to once a day. We can also have retention periods from 28 days to 7 years. Suitable for all types of industries that require data be stored for lengthy periods of time.

All cloud based backups are stored in AU data centres.

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