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Strong, up-to-date Cybersecurity is the corner stone of your business’ IT security. With constant change in the threat landscape, being ahead of the game is as important as ever so that any new threats on your business can be avoided quickly. At Impact ICT we deploy industry leading technologies to try and be one step ahead and protect your business.

We are a certified Sophos Partner and recommend their products.

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Sophos: Cybersecurity Evolved
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Threat Detection
& Hunting

Anti-Virus used to be a solid catch-all for businesses but unfortunately that won’t always be a sufficient level of cyber protection anymore. Attacks are becoming better and more educated around how Anti-virus works and developed the ability to completely circumvent traditional Anti-Virus products. That’s why we offer more than just your standard Anti-Virus.

Application whitelisting, active threat hunting, managed detection and response, ransomware prevention. We have the tools!

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Cloud Based

Spam has been a consistent problem that has been with us for as long as the internet has been around. As spammers have evolved, so have we! We deploy cloud based spam technologies to intercept and clean the spam before it arrives in your mailbox.

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